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August 9, 2022
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Call for an End to Fracked Gas in Canada

  1. We demand an end to fracked gas in Canada.

    This means banning the production, transport, and sale of fracked and "natural" gas in Canada, starting with the IMMEDIATE CANCELLATION of the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline.

    The Coastal Gaslink Pipeline is being rammed through unceded Wet'suwet'en territory without permission of the First Nations who have legal jurisdiction over the land.

    "Natural" gas is a climate killer. It's primarily composed of methane, a greenhouse gas that is 86 TIMES as powerful at warming the planet as CO2. Because it's a gas, it leaks into the air during extraction, transport, and storage. While it's called a "bridge fuel" and claimed to be the "cleanest fossil fuel" by the industry, it's in fact WORSE FOR THE CLIMATE THAN COAL.

    It's time for the government to get serious and #StopFrackingAround

  2. We demand that no building in Vancouver be heated by fracked gas by 2025.

    We are in a climate emergency and fracked gas (AKA "natural gas") is worse for the climate than coal. Still, our homes and places of work are often heated by burning this climate killer.

    Vancouver is a unique city in BC, being able to determine its own building code. It is in the perfect position to take this crucial and long overdue step to fight the oil and gas industry. This industry has knowingly, and with the help of our governments, aimed us at a cliff and stomped on the gas.

    It's time for us to take the wheel and steer ourselves back to safety.


  3. We demand a People's Assembly to decide on our transition out of fossil fuels

    A People's Assembly is a political decision-making tool designed to work without politicians. Too often they go back on their word, give us half measures, and when they do enact meaningful change, it's done in a way that doesn't consider all the people affected by it. A People's Assembly avoids all these problems by making decisions for the people BY the people.

    More often than not, the decisions from People's Assemblies (called many names throughout history, including Citizen's Assembly) are close to unanimous - when given space to be heard and a comprehensive education on a subject, people find common ground readily on hotly-debated issues.

    This is the perfect tool for the climate emergency.